• Job Requisitions using Positions module.

  • COHYRA streamlines the job requisition process through its Positions module, allowing corporates and consultants to create and manage job openings seamlessly.
  • The Positions module in COHYRA facilitates the entire talent acquisition journey, from posting job requisitions to on-boarding successful candidates, providing a comprehensive solution for recruitment needs.
  • With the Positions module, corporates and consultants can track candidate applications and progress throughout the recruitment process, ensuring a structured and organized approach to talent acquisition.
Review and Approval process for positions.

Enhanced Transparency

Through the review and approval process, COHYRA promotes transparency in the talent acquisition workflow, providing visibility into the status of positions and ensuring accountability in the decision-making process.

Streamlined Review Process

COHYRA's platform includes a robust review and approval process for positions, ensuring that all job requisitions undergo thorough evaluation before being posted.

Efficient Collaboration

The review and approval process in COHYRA allows for seamless collaboration between stakeholders, enabling corporates and consultants to provide input, review, and approve positions in a structured and efficient manner.

Create and track applications for positions.

Effortless Application Creation

COHYRA simplifies the process of creating applications for positions, allowing corporates and consultants to generate job-specific applications quickly and efficiently.

Real-Time Application Tracking

The platform enables real-time tracking of applications for positions, providing corporates and consultants with up-to-date information on candidate submissions, status updates, and progress throughout the recruitment process.

Centralized Application Management

COHYRA centralizes the management of applications for positions, offering a comprehensive overview of candidate profiles, qualifications, and application details in one unified system for easy tracking and evaluation.

User Friendlyl

COHYRA provides a user-friendly interface for creating and tracking applications, making it easy for corporates and consultants to navigate, input information, and monitor candidate progress with minimal effort.

NERF initiation and candidate onboarding

Automated Candidate Onboarding

The platform automates the candidate onboarding process, guiding corporates and consultants through the necessary steps to onboard new hires successfully, ensuring a smooth transition from candidate selection to employee integration.

Efficient NERF Initiation

COHYRA streamlines the NERF (New Employee Request Form) initiation process, allowing corporates and consultants to seamlessly request new employee positions and kickstart the candidate onboarding process.

End-to-End Integration

COHYRA offers end-to-end integration of NERF initiation and candidate onboarding, providing a comprehensive solution for corporates and consultants to manage the entire talent acquisition journey seamlessly from job requisition to new employee integration.

Enrol Candidates to create your own pool of talent
  • COHYRA enables corporates and consultants to enroll candidates into their talent pool, creating a valuable database of potential hires for future job requisitions and talent acquisition needs.
  • The platform allows users to customize and segment their talent pool based on specific criteria, such as skills, experience, and qualifications, ensuring that corporates and consultants can access a diverse and targeted pool of talent.
  • By enrolling candidates into their talent pool, corporates and consultants can proactively manage and nurture relationships with potential candidates, fostering a talent pipeline that supports ongoing recruitment efforts and strategic talent acquisition initiatives.