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Portfolio Management Services

Many have tried but ended up closing their empty static social pages ? and all of those who failed have something in common ? they don?t have TIME and they have a rather vague understanding about building a social presence . But we assure you of high professionalism and expertise on social media management and brand building.

We will provide Setting up your social pages to represent your brand and keeping it an active and:-

Professional Social Media Consulting

  • Crafting Terms of Use.
  • Privacy Policy.
  • Fan Page Guidelines.
  • Schedules.

Audience Engagement Management

Securing a social page that has high level of engagement and consistent promotion through content. This service includes:

  • Daily Social Updates.
  • 24/7 community engagement (answering comments, questions, etc.)
  • 24/7 Content Moderation (removing offensive posts and inappropriate content.)
  • Weekly Events and Activities


Social Marketing Management

Reach more targeted customers and get more attention with our professional Social Marketing Management Services. We offer a strategic Social Media Ads Campaigns Management which includes:

  • Setting up AD campaign
  • Demographic Targeting
  • AD Keyword Optimization
  • AD Image Optimization
  • Copy Creation
  • AD Creation
  • AD Budgeting
  • External Landing Page ? Social Medias ADS will send traffic directly to your main website
  • Internal Landing Page ? Send the traffic from Social Medias ADS to your brand page
  • Dynamic landing page design
  • Customized landing page design.

Measuring Your Social Influence

Virtual Social Media will take care of measuring your influence on social sites with Insights. By analyzing important statistical data like total reach, total fan posts, total likes, total fan gain and loss, etc., it will give brands an idea on how they are doing and how they can improve on social sites. This service includes

  • Weekly Insights Report
  • Monthly Insights Report
  • Yearly Insights Reports

Portfolio Management :

Facebook Account

  • Update Status
  • Picture Update
  • Keep in touch with followers
  • Facebook ads

You Tube

  • Video editing
  • Video Upload
  • Feedback Generation


  • Data Creation
  • Customized Data
  • Regular Update
  • SMS Package
  • Regular & timely SMS/calling


  • Linking Social Media
  • Promoting Websites

Ad Management print/Digital media

  • Media Management
  • Ads Development
  • Timing of Ads
  • Creating Slogans/taglines

Ad Management print/Digital media

  • Google images on Picasa
  • Google search images by your name


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